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Bauer Training Center
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Our carrier


Erguel travels offers you a wide selection of coach excursions on Swiss and European routes. Take advantage of our online shopping at advantageous prices. Business outing, private trip, organized trip, airport trip, European destination, excursion for several people, “from the small bus to the big coach” we are there for you.

Our travel agency

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WithITINERAIR, leave with complete peace of mind by entrusting us with the organization of your getaways of all kinds.

Stays with family, alone or with friends, do not hesitate to call on our professional advice.


ITINERAIR, your travel agencies in Moutier and Porrentruy

Our working rink

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La GOUILLE Estavayer-le-Lac ice rink

Creation of the ice garden

Supervision and development of the Hockey School provided by Bauer Training Center 

Our ice maker


La Pati SAis a Friborg company specializing in the field of ice rinks. Able to carry out any ice slope project, La Pati SA stands out for its own design of mobile and fixed kits, as well as for the development and avant-garde application of energy cost control.

Our mental coach


Arboreante, performance optimization:

Personalized sports nutrition monitoring

Individual support 1 month. (Loss - weight gain, energy, food rebalancing)

Food analysis - lifestyle. Daily advice, training - match monitoring

I answer all your questions and needs.

Personalized mental preparation monitoring

Individual support according to your needs;

Lifestyle analysis

Work on confidence, energy, emotions, match routine…

Follow-up on training, matches and daily life.

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